Easy Breezy

Getting started with us is easy. The first step is to call us to explain what your needs are. Once we are sure that we are on the same page with you we make sure to pair you with one of our best nearby tutors. We know how nerve wracking the entire process is so the last thing that we want you to do is to comb through a long list of possible tutors interviewing them one at a time, essentially giving you another job to do while you’re already attempting to get the original job of learning your subject done.

Once you’ve selected your tutor it’s all a matter of deciding where you will meet. The meeting place will be anywhere that is convenient for the two of you. We believe that the fewer cooks there are in the kitchen the faster you can go about getting things done.

You can have sessions as frequently as you and your tutor think is necessary, resulting in a situation that creates maximum flexibility.

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